About us

Who we are ? 

Kare Screen ? 

Kare Screen is the alliance between the tactile expertise of Alizey Technology and the French manufacture of antimicrobial films, part of a Pure Zone EIG (Economic Interest Grouping) whose common goal is innovation at the service of health safety. 

Pure Zone

Our teams 


Our teams are made up of technical experts in the field of touchscreen technology, present in our workshop in the Paris suburb of Neuilly sur Marne. 


But also scientific and medical experts from companies that are members of the Pure Zone EIG. 

The word of the CEO - Meryl

"Touchscreens can be a major source of hand-held contamination, and we wanted to reassure our customers and users by protecting our products with these patented antimicrobial and anti-COVID protective films certified by several laboratories."

Norbert - CTO

"The challenge was to be able to combine anti-microbial and anti-COVID protective film impregnated with a silver ion-based solution, without altering the tactile performance of the screens.